About The Rez

The Barnett Reservoir, or The Rez as it’s called by locals, is an extraordinary gem in the very heart of Mississippi. The vast body of water is centrally located region only a few miles outside of Jackson, the state capitol. The Rez is centered in Mississippi’s most diverse and culturally rich region of the state, and the entertainment and outdoor recreational opportunities are endless.

After decades of study by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Barnett Reservoir was constructed to provide both a stable source of drinking water for the region as well as support flood control efforts of the Pearl River, which runs through downtown Jackson.

The Rez is an extraordinary result of a combination of land use planning, engineering and hydraulics. The decades-long effort created rich riparian zones for wildlife, thousands of acres of protected open space, expanded swamp lands and wetlands, abundant water sports and recreational uses, and fostered entire new communities and neighborhoods built to ring the shoreline. The nationally renowned Natchez Trace follows The Rez on the north shore with several historic trail markers, hikes and viewpoints.

Y’all are welcome anytime at The Rez to experience the best that Mississippi has to offer.