2017 Proves to be Successful Alligator Hunt

8/26/2017  From Mississippi Dept of Fisheries and Parks 

Opening day of the public water alligator season was greeted with very comfortable weather conditions and cloudy skies which resulted in many hunting parties finding success early before sunset in several zones.

Numerous hunting parties were successful with numerous reports of alligators in the 10-12 foot range being harvested.  At this time, no reports of any potential record breaking alligators harvested. No accidents reported, however, we know of two hunters who fell overboard while hunting last night. Neither were wearing their PFD. One had to be thrown a throwable flotation device to be rescued after the trolling motor shaft broke after hitting a submerged stump.  The operator, who was standing in the front of the boat at the time, fell overboard. Neither of the hunters were injured.  Read More

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